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Non homogenized, A2 milk. That’s it. We don’t take anything out and we don’t put anything in. Our milk comes fresh from the cows daily, is then gently batch pasteurised, immediately cooled and bottled. That’s the entire process.


It tastes like milk should.

Every morning we bottle milk from 40 of our finest cows. The milk is pumped straight from the cows into the pasteuriser in the factory, it is then gently brought up to 65.6 degrees and held there for 10 minutes. Once the milk has been heated we rapidly cool it down to 5 degrees and transfer it to a storage tank, from there we bottle by hand, the milk is then ready to be sold. 


Our milk is non-homogenized, non-standardized, full cream, A2 milk. What does all this mean? Most milk for sale in New Zealand is processed multiple times, has by-product added to it and some of the goodness removed. Here at Volcanic Creamery our milk is gently warmed to 65.6 degrees and then cooled and bottled, that’s it.

A2 milk you say?


A1 and A2 are some of the proteins present in milk. There may be certain health benefits that pure A2 milk provides over standard milk. Multiple studies have shown evidence that A2 milk may reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance and reduce digestive system inflammation. 

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